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The Ultimate List of Things for Free for Kids Today

From fun things to do for free for kids, to birthday freebies for kids, there are lots of things that are free for kids today. Get a free coupon book.

The Ultimate List of Things for Free for Kids Today

There are so many fun things to do for free for kids, from going out for a walk in nature, to writing a story together at home. With a little creativity, you can create hours of enjoyment and bonding, without having to spend a ton of money -- or any at all!

Kids also get access to lots of free goods and programs. Many are designed to intellectually stimulate kids through activities like crafting, reading, and exploring the outdoors.

From dining to entertainment, check out this list of things for free for kids today.

Apple Camps

Apple has a series of free technology-focused events for kids, teens, and families. Check out their calendar for events like coding workshops, art projects, and photography classes. You can typically bring your own device or work on one in the store.


Your local library is a great resource for fun things to do for free for kids. Many have activities like storytelling and summer reading programs to get kids engaged with reading.

Also, check out Amazon’s free e-books for kids. If you have a tablet or e-reader, you can download diverse titles in a few clicks and get reading.

There’s also Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a book gifting program that mails free books to households with children up to the age of 5.


Through the website, each kid in your family can get two free games of bowling every day for an entire summer. Check out the website to see participating bowling alleys in your state.

Butterfly Hero Pack

Unleash the inner gardener in your child when they pledge to become a Butterfly Hero through the National Wildlife Federation. When you sign your child up for free online, you’ll receive garden resources like flower seeds to attract more butterflies to your yard while putting your green thumbs into action.

Craft Workshops

Various Home Depot locations offer free in-store kids workshops one weekend day a month, where kids get to build something and take it home. If you can’t make the workshop in person, some stores provide the option to pick up a free workshop kit in the store to use at home yourself.


Video game platforms like PlayStation and Xbox have lots of free games for kids to play with family and friends online. For example, Rocket League is an exciting racing game where kids can customize their own vehicle and chat with friends while they play. Fortnite lets players build their own islands. Once you have a gaming platform like these, search for free games so your kids can switch up their gaming routine, no purchase required.


Geocaching is a thrilling family-friendly activity that gets kids moving outside. It’s a real-life treasure hunt, where you follow specific coordinates to find a trinket or treasure. Some spots let you leave something behind or write your name in a log that displays all the finders’ records.

All you need is a smartphone or GPS to get started.  Visit to find sites near you.

Learning Activities

The website is an incredible resource for learning-focused arts and crafts activities for kids. You can print out dozens of activities to do at home, like cut and paste puzzles, coloring pages, art projects, and more.


Ignite an interest in reading and graphic design by getting your child their own magazine subscription. Kids ages 5 to 9 can get a free subscription to LEGO® Life Magazine, something to look forward to in the mail four times a year.  

There’s also a variety of free science magazines for kids from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Kids can read them online or get a print edition in the mail.  


Lots of communities host free movie nights for kids, especially during the summer months, with events like outdoor screenings.

You can also get free movie tickets for theater showings by signing up for advance screenings lists online. Some studios target kids specifically for their audience so they can get children’s opinions on upcoming family releases.

Check out the rewards program at your favorite movie theater, too. Some theaters offer student discounts for movies and free movies for birthdays.

National Parks Pass

Fourth graders can get a free National Parks pass when they complete an adventure diary online. The pass includes free entrance for an entire car, so family members can get into a park for free, too. 

The National Park Service has free entry into parks five days each year, as well.

Restaurant Meals

Dozens of restaurants around the country offer free kids’ meals with the purchase of adult meals. One of them is Chili’s, which provides Free Kids Meal rewards offers to My Chili’s Rewards members.

Many restaurants offer special birthday freebies for kids. For example, kids ages 15 and younger can get a free birthday meal within 6 days of their birthday from Firehouse Subs

Some restaurants provide free kids’ meals on certain days of the week. Call ahead to see what restaurants in your area offer.

There are also special school-focused programs like the Pizza Hut Book It! Program, which rewards kids ages pre-K to 6th grade with free pizza once they’ve reached their reading goals.  

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