Wed, Nov 8, 2017 – by RedPlum

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips

The busiest travel weekend of the year is almost here! Don’t let long lines, lost luggage, or delays stand in the way of your imminent food coma. Feast on these tips to ease your turkey day travel. 

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips 2

Plan Ahead. Map your route and check for traffic to your destination as there are bound to be back-ups in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. You can also ease stress on the day of departure by making a list and packing your bags the day before.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips 3

Give Yourself Plenty of Time. If you’re headed to the airport, try to arrive at least 2 hours early to ensure enough time to pass through security. Rushing just adds to the anxiety so be patient with yourself and others.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips 4

Check In Online. Avoid the lines and use your airline’s website or mobile app for speedy check-in, which is typically available starting 24 hours before takeoff. Advantages of this automated service include the ability to pick your seat, pay extra fees, and print or download your boarding pass. Check with your airline for specifics.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips 5

Pack Light. Reduce baggage fees by packing a carry-on with only the essentials. After all, you’re likely only going to be away for a few days. Bringing fewer items will help you breeze through the airport faster and you won’t risk losing your luggage.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips 6 

Know When to Go. If possible, avoid traveling on Wednesday, which is typically the busiest day of the holiday week. You might also score savings if you depart on Tuesday or even on Thanksgiving.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips 7

Bring Snacks. Pack small, zip-top bags with your favorite munchies like trail mix and dried fruit to keep your energy up and your costs down. Make-ahead snacks are typically cheaper and healthier than what you’d buy in the terminal or on the plane.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips 8

Find Cheap Fuel. If you’re planning to drive, download a free gas app to pinpoint the cheapest places to fill up. For longer trips, use these tips to save even more money on your journey.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips 9

Scout Deals for Rental Cars. With so much competition, you’ll likely find a great deal, especially if you book early. Consider renting a smaller, fuel efficient vehicle to reduce your rates and save on gas.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel Tips 10

Carpool. Ride sharing is a great option for college students or single travelers that are headed to the same area. Plus, fewer cars on the road means less congestion. If you’re hitching a ride with someone, don’t forget to offer to chip in for gas!

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