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Simple Home Organization Tips

Simple Home Organization Tips 1

Get every area of your home in order with these handy organization tips.


“To organize your bathroom sinks, you can use cabinet pull outs or attach cabinet organizing trays to the door to further organize your space.” – Sara,


“[A] pegboard [is] a great way to organize kitchen utensils while freeing up cabinet space.” – Chelsea,


“Your bedroom should have very few items in it that [do] not directly relate to sleeping or getting dressed in the morning. Remove anything that isn’t and you’ll sleep better being less distracted by the clutter.” – Stacie,


“Use shower curtain rings to hang up your tank tops and free up space in your dresser drawers.” – Desiree,

Laundry Room

“[Institute a] three bin system for lights, colors, and denim…it takes one less step to be ready to start laundry.” – Kim, 


“Keep kid items at their level. [Hang] helmets, skateboards, and pumps where the kids can easily reach them.” – Toni,

Living Room

“Create a family friendly coffee table that is ready for game night. Store board games beneath your table and coat the top with chalkboard paint for some added whimsy.” – Beth,


“Clear rectangular storage bins in different sizes are the best for two reasons, they stack and you can see at a glance what is inside. Label each [of them] to help [you] find or add something.” – Diane,

What are your best home organizational tips?

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